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Welcome to Bridge Media Group

A multi-award winning, environmentally aware packaging solutions company

The core of the Bridge Media Group business is to produce folding boxboard cartons and retail packaging, and to do this with minimal ecological impact. All of our materials are FSC or PEFC certified, ensuring that raw materials come from sustainable sources. All of our inks and varnishes are water based. Our manufacturing sites are all in the south east of England, minimising packaging miles.
Our core products include cartons, slipcases, and sleeves. The industries we currently serve are Food and Drink, Health and Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Tea, Vape, Entertainment and general Retail Packaging.
We provide the very best in all kinds of creative and cost-effective Retail Packaging. We are specialists in Cold Foiling & Hot Foiling, Embossing, Laminating, Varnishing and Graining.
Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution, that looks great on the shelf, and has as little environmental impact as possible.
Carton Packaging Manufacturers London
Carton Packaging Manufacturers London
Carton Packaging Manufacturers London
Carton Packaging Manufacturers London
Carton Packaging Manufacturers London
Pharmaceutical Packaging manufacturers London

Retail Packaging

Bridge Media has a history of working with some of the top-name brands in the retail markets. This spans the Entertainment, Health, Beauty, and Pharmaceutical markets, as well as Food, confectionary and more. We offer high-volume, high-quality, Carton packaging, as well as Luxury Packaging with high-end materials and finishes.

Food & Confectionary Carton Packaging

The way we think, feel and consume food is constantly evolving in the Twenty-first Century. So, keeping up to date with the way we package it is vital. Here at Bridge Media, we understand the importance of recyclable packaging combined with convenience innovation. So, look no further than our carton and sleeve packaging solutions!

Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging

The way any product is packaged for the Pharmaceutical industry is extremely important. This can be for a wealth of reasons; not least to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the enclosed product.

We always advise our clients on the best way to produce packaging with the user in mind. Whether this is for the public consumer, or for packs that preserve the integrity of contents, or a pack that is easy to open for surgical teams.

Cosmetics Carton Packaging

Bridge Media Group provides high-quality, high-performance Luxury Carton Packaging for the Cosmetics Industry. Where durability and function, as well as aesthetics, are of the utmost importance, our products always meet and exceed expectations.

Our Luxury Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers produce resistant, striking Cosmetics Packaging. It ensures high-end makeup brands are able to maintain and even enhance their branding image.

Entertainment Packaging

Bridge Media Group began business providing Media and Gaming Packaging. We still produce a huge quantity of packaging for the Computer Games, Music, TV, and Film markets. With Vinyl making its comeback in the Music world, we even still produce thousands of 7 and 12-inch record sleeves.

Furthermore, we are a recognised leader in Limited Edition and Box Set Packaging. Are you looking for fun, fresh, ecological and original Packaging for your project? If so, Bridge Media is the company to call!

Supplement Carton Packaging

As well as long-lasting, more costly upmarket brands, we also offer a more affordable option for supplements packaging.

Supplements packaging is at the forefront when it comes to using specialist print techniques and materials. We can produce packaging that has an incredible luxury look and feel. Bridge Media is at the cutting-edge when it comes to adopting new techniques to create stunning shelf and brand appeal.

Drinks Packaging

We create and supply Carton Drinks Packaging products here at Bridge Media Group. They do not only perform their primary function in keeping the product safe but are always attractively finished.

Our Drinks Packaging is used across the drinks market range. From high-end Whiskey and Champagne Packaging to product launch editions and Special Occasion Packaging for the seasonal gifting markets.

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Carton Packaging Manufacturers London

Cold Foil Packaging

Bridge Media Group is a recognised specialist in this technique. We use it to great effect by producing really eye-catching packaging that creates shelf-appeal for impulse purchases. If you need your product to stand out on the shelves then Cold Foil Packaging is what you’re looking for.

Its uses are many and varied, but it is most popularly employed for promotional print and Carton Packaging, greetings cards, magazine covers etc.

The technique effectively allows you to simultaneously foil block in many different colours. You will thereby avoid the additional cost of individual foil colours as that of traditional hot foiling. The cold foil can also be used as a base for printing over the top. We do this using specialist UV inks, so we can create packaging with a metallic look and sheen.

Carton Packaging Manufacturers London

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“Click the video below to see how we recently manufactured the Limited and Collectors Editions for Bethesda’s award winning game, DOOM.”

Why Choose Bridge Media For Your Carton Packaging?

Vast Experience

Our history goes back over 30 years, starting in record sleeve printing. We’ve come a long way and now manage special projects involving multiple manufacturing processes.

We Work With All Business Sizes

From packaging a start-up product launch through to huge supermarket rollouts. This can span everything from packaging to promotional print to POS displays.

Carton Packaging Experts

Personalised collectors editions, designed, printed, packed and shipped to global destinations.

Reliable & On Time

Ultimately, we are problem solvers, so no job is too big or too small.
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Client Testimonial

“We wanted to give a special award to the one company that we felt best reflected the ethos behind the Solutions Awards. A company who had shown creativity, flair, problem solving, real customer service, ingenuity, and of course stunning examples of print all rolled into one.
We wanted to make the award to someone that was everything that a graphic arts company of not only today, but the future, should be. Not just a manufacturer, but a customer focused innovator.
This had to be an inspirational company that really pushed the boundaries. That explored new techniques and really got the most of every client, exceeding their expectations every time, from every project, every single day.”


Susan Wright, Editorial Director & Publisher, Earth Island Publishing.